Sunday, May 5, 2013

More timetable change mediocrity from QR and TransLink

Richlands - 2 more train services
Some minor timetable changes to the Richlands, Cleveland, Ferny Grove, Airport, and Doomben Lines were announced on Friday 3rd May, for introduction on Monday 6th May. This is in keeping with TransLink's current form of giving customers as little notice as possible on timetable changes. Whilst the improvements to Ferny Grove Line reliability, and an extra two am peak services on the Richlands Line are welcome, it seems that Queensland Rail and TransLink have yet again stuffed up when it comes to informing their customers of the changes. Whilst the changes may be minor, the impact on some commuters journeys is not minor. The changes are enough for passengers from (for example) South Bank to Ferny Grove, to now have to change in the CBD and wait for the following Ferny Grove Line train. This may result in some commuters reaching their destination up to 11 minutes later than at present (at least on the occasions when the existing services are running on time). Also, passengers from the Cleveland Line, and South Bank area may miss onward connections from Roma Street to other lines and bus routes. There may be quite a big shock for a few passengers on Monday, who are likely to be blissfully unaware of the changes to to lack of information from TransLink and QR.

So what have TransLink and QR failed to do for this timetable change?
  • Only announced changes on TransLink's website 1 working day ahead of change.
  • One of these webpages contains at least 1 mistake!
  • No .pdf timetables available on TransLink's website ahead of change.
  • TransLink journey planner not updated with changes.  
  • No new paper timetables available ahead of change. 
  • Changes only announced to train crew 1 working day ahead of change. 
  • No posters at train stations ahead of change.
  • No updated timetable boards at stations. 
BrizCommuter can only assume that if QR are making minor adjustments to existing timetables (in many cases still based on the badly designed and implemented 2008 timetable), that the stage 2 timetables (now 2 years late and counting) are still not on the horizon - this is very disappointing!

SE Queensland public transport - the mediocrity continues.

Changes here:

Update - Friday 10th May

The TransLink journey planner has finally been updated (4 days after changes). New paper and .pdf timetables are still missing in action.

Update - Sunday 19th May

Still no new paper or .pdf timetables. Fail, fail, fail! 

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  1. Strange occurrance on two occasions. I have caught the altered 5:13pm Roma Street to Ferny Grove express train this week.

    Instead of it coming from Normanby, which is where most Roma Street starting trains are from. This one still comes from the south. So where does it come from?


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