Wednesday, December 5, 2012

SEQ Bus Network Review - Stage 2

Phase 2 of the SEQ Bus Network Review is now in the public consultation stage on TransLink's website. The well written webpage is here (make sure you read all of the further information links). Most TransLink SEQ bus routes have been listed at the bottom of the page. Clicking on a route opens up a box containing the routes value for money, average patronage, and suggested changes. Below are a few screenshots showing two different bus routes (popular rail alternative route 390, and air moving route 393):

For routes with changes suggested, a link to a feedback form is created. One key question is badly worded. "What bus route do you normally travel on?" should be replaced by "Which route would you like to comment on?". However, aside from that the form is good and allows for free text feedback. You can even leave your details for TransLink to provide feedback on route changes. 

Having perused many of the routes, it seems that as expected, we aren't going to see a revolutionary network change as is planned for Auckland. It seems that the existing mess will just receive some tinkering in a bid to make for a more cost efficient and less confusing network, with only a few steps towards the "trunk and feeder" network that Brisbane requires. It is disappointing that there appears to no plans to use the rail network as part of the "trunk", with increased rail frequencies providing a network backbone as occurs in many cities such as Perth. It is also disappointing that the massively resource wasting and bus route duplicating "Maroon CityGlider" is still planned to go ahead. Whilst BrizCommuter is happy to see that more services are planned for the more overcrowded bus routes, BrizCommuter is concerned about the many planned service reductions in evenings and weekends - public transport is a public service and leaving swathes of SE Queensland with only a weekday daytime bus service is not acceptable. The future still looks bleak for those who live away from major transport corridors in SE Queensland's vast urban sprawl. Make sure you provide feedback for all affected routes you use by the 16th December 2012!


  1. Cuts to 369 seem to be flagged - terrible really as there will be no proper cross town - you have to go to the city for that!

  2. I have commented on a few bus routes that allows feedback and I intend to ring and try and give feedback about some of the routes that say no route changes planned.

    But unfortunately that feels just like a waste of time as means talking to the translink call centre (TCC). Might as well go scream into the westerly winds for all the good use talking to the TCC will do.

    What I do notice for those who live west of Mitchelton is that services are being downgraded, not improved. There is currently serious consideration for Arana Hills greater area to join Brisbane City Council and leave MBRC. What a great advertisement. Less bus services.

    In regards to the changes themselves, I think a newly created service should be added, called the 389, and it runs express like a buz service from Mitchelton to the city.

    In the bus network review, there is no mention of allowing people the opportunity to design new routes, or suggest anything new. It is all tinkering as you say.

    Whilst the 77 route is not popular at the moment, it could be if it was promoted more, run more frequently and on weekends. I find it a very useful service and a major time saver travelling from Windsor station to the South and East Busways.

    There is no mention for the 77 route that connect to the PA hospital and to Ipswich Road services are easy and quick.

  3. In reply to the various comments:
    - Route 369 seems to mainly carry air. BrizCommuter is yet to see a passenger on the 369. Cutting to half-hourly off-peak may be sensible.
    - Mythical 389 (isn't this a 390 BUZ?) would duplicate the Ferny Grove Line and 345. 390 seems to be OK as is, although improved evening frequency would be welcome.
    -Route 77 should be dumped as there are now decent enough alternatives routes.
    - Ferny Grove buses - these should be improved, not cut back. TransLink do not seem to understand rail feeders!

  4. I'd echo BrizCommuter's comments about Ferny Grove feeders and the 389 proposal.

    Not so sure about the 77.

  5. > -Route 77 should be dumped as there are now decent enough alternatives routes.

    How is there alternative services when the 77 is the only bus that goes from Windsor to Buranda via the Clem 7, shaving 20 mins or more off that trip and getting to avoid Cultural Centre?

  6. Not everyone can have a direct journey from A to B, especially on mainly empty services! At off-peak times the 333/340 are 4 times more frequent than the 77 - thus less waiting time. You would be unlucky to have to wait more than a few minutes at Cultural Centre for an onward bus to Buranda. Note: there are now even up to 4 trains per hour between Windsor and Park Road (a short walk from Buranda).

  7. Buranda is hardly a short walk from Park Rd. You need to walk up to Park Rd and then across: whereis reckons 1.4km. Alternatively you can walk down to Cornwall St but that is longer.

    Far more reasonable to use a bus from Park Rd to Buranda or onwards.

    As for getting a bus at the Cultural Centre to Buranda, not that many people would understand the range of services which make that trip: 111/120/160/170/180/222/250/555.


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