Saturday, December 17, 2011

Case Study: Merseyside

TransLink will have a new CEO from March - Neil Scales OBE. Mr Scales current job is the CEO of Merseytravel, the transport authority for Merseyside in the UK (Liverpool, Wirral, and surrounding area). Like Brisbane, Merseyside has an extensive rail and bus system, and the one of the world's most famous public transport ferry services.  BrizCommuter takes a look at Merseyside's public transport system:

  • Northern Line and Wirral Lines (Merseyrail) - 2 branched electrified rail networks, segregated from the rest of the UK's rail network. Operated by Abellio-Serco. Both networks have a 4tph/15 min Mon-Fri daytime all stations off-peak service on all branches except the short Ellesmere Port branch.  This provides between 6tph to 14tph off-peak services on combined sections. Sunday and Evenings after around 7:30pm generally have trains every 30 minutes on each branch. Most stations are staffed during operating hours. Full refunds for train journeys with delays of more than 30 mins. Highest reliability of all UK rail franchises.
  • City Lines - a network of diesel powered commuter services mixed in with inter-urban and transpennine services from different operators.  Typically 2tph / 30 mins off-peak frequency, although some station such Liverpool South Parkway are served by up to 7tph off-peak. This network will be progressively electrified in the next few years, with expected frequency increases.
  • Liverpool Overhead Rail - The world's first elevated electric railway was opened in 1893, and sadly closed in 1956. Doh!
  • Buses - More than a hundred bus routes, run by multiple operators. 27 high frequency "quality partnership" bus routes. 6 night bus routes. 
  • Airport Access - Express buses every 15 mins from CBD, plus frequent buses from nearby suburbs and train stations.
  • Ferries - The "Ferry Across the Mersey" runs a peak period direct service between 3 terminals, and an off-peak 50 minute long, hourly frequency sightseeing cruise popular with tourists. 
  • Fares - A rather complicated ticketing system with lots of options. Daily, tourist, and season tickets are available. A smart card ticketing system is being introduced. Adult off peak daily (Saveaway ticket) is the equivalent to $5.30 for Liverpool and Wirral, and $7.17 for the entire Merseytravel area. So miles cheaper than SE Queensland for frequent off-peak travellers!
BrizCommuter hopes that the new TransLink CEO brings 15 minute off-peak train services to more rail lines in Brisbane, brings over his experience with dealing with multiple operators, as well as experience in making efficient use of limited government funds.

Some interesting presentations by Mr Scales here:

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  1. I used the trains in Liverpool a few years ago. The train service is excellent, trains every few minutes. No need to look at a timetable.


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