Sunday, August 21, 2011

Eastern Busway Open Day

Eastern Busway     Source: Nearmap
From Monday 29th August 2011, the latest extension of the Eastern Busway from Buranda to Main Avenue, Coorparoo will open. As is tradition with busway openings in SE Queensland, there will be an open day on Saturday 27th August.
This open day allows taxpayers to try and work out why a "cheap" busway in SE Queensland costs as much to build as "expensive" heavy rail train line anywhere else in the world.

To make the open day a more realistic experience to using Brisbane's public transport, here are some attractions that BrizCommuter thinks should be introduced to add to the family fun:

1) "If only everything was like the go card"
With this attraction, you can buy some hot chips for $3.11, the same as 2 zone peak go card fare. Unfortunately, the tills don't work, and you have to pay $5 instead. The refund counter is difficult to find, and if you do find it, it will still take 10 days to get your money back. Every 1 in 10  customers to this attraction get forced to pay a $150 fine, and every 1 in 100 customers get deported!

2) "Try to get on a full bus"
This attraction involves trying to board a bus which should run every 10 minutes. However, every time the bus turns up it is full and you have to wait for the next bus. This attraction repeats itself until the customers get fed up and never use public transport again.

3)"Try to get off a full bus"
This attraction can be harder than an army assault course! The customer has to get from the back of a dangerously full bus, and out of the door, before the driver closes the door and drives off to the next stop. You have to dodge 20 passengers in the aisle (some of whom will listening to their iPods and won't hear you), as well as school bags randomly littered everywhere. A first aid station is located next to this attraction to treat any broken limbs.

Have a nice day!


  1. Spot on! Very funny :-)

  2. But what happens if I didnt want chips.. I wanted the Hot Dog. Would I have to wait until the till was reprogrammed? I assume this would only happen after extensive consultation and a change of ministers.

  3. Anonymous (2) - sorry no hotdogs. That may attract more people to the stand, requiring more stand infrastructure.

  4. The good people of Turkey just got a 200 km long high speed rail line with 250 km/h trains for about the same cost as the Eastern Busway. Something is seriously wrong with project costs in this country.


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