Sunday, November 26, 2017

CRR is Go, Emerson is Gone

Cross River Rail is Go
Whilst the final results are still being counted in the 2017 Queensland Election, it looks highly likely that ALP leader Annastacia Palaszczuk will form a majority or minority government. This is excellent news for Cross River Rail (CRR), as the out of touch LNP and PHON wanted to axe it. In fact, the LNP has had quite a significant swing against it in SE Queensland. It is quite likely that their bizarre dislike of CRR played a part in that swing. Why would small and big business owners support an LNP policy that would harm Brisbane's economy and quality of living, and increase congestion?

Scott Emerson is Gone
As part of that swing against the LNP, former Transport Minister under the Newman Government - Scott Emerson has lost his seat. Whilst being interviewed on TV, he seemed to blame the loss on everything but himself and LNP policies. Scott Emerson oversaw the driver freeze at Queensland Rail which resulted in #RailFail, the purchase of the disastrous NGR train project, and didn't have enough balls for drive bus network reform past Brisbane Council Council. Scott Emerson was thus quite possibly the worst Transport Minister in Queensland ever (note: that removal of trams in the 1960s was a Brisbane City Council decision). BrizCommuter says good riddance. Maybe cleaning tables at Taco Bell would be a better career prospect, though Mr Emerson would probably just blame the messy tables on the ALP?


  1. Unless Labor gets a majority Government, Crr is not yet a certainty. KAP are saying that for their support, crr must be off the table. I am not sure of the position of the Indies, but if one or two onp get home, they are also against crr.

    1. I’m sure the ALP will get over the line, even if it requires the Greens or Rocky and Noosa INDs.


  3. Feds logic- business case for crr does not stack up, no cash for you. We need to win a marginal by election seat, here is 100 million dollars for a road, but don't call it pork barrelling.


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