Sunday, August 13, 2017

BrizCommuter 2017 Caption Competition

It's competition time! BrizCommuter asks for amusing captions for the below photo of a cardboard cut-out of a Queensland Rail (QR) New Generation Rollingstock train. The winner gets to be stuck on a broken down Ferny Grove Line train for 3 hours whilst holding a full bladder.

To get you started here are a few caption ideas:
  • I know the disabled toilets are too small, but that small?
  • To get the NGR trains in service before the Commonwealth Games, requires passengers to build their own. 
  • The closest you'll get to riding on an NGR train in 2017. 
  • The 50% cheaper NGR trains ordered by the Newman government, was due to cardboard construction. 
Add captions using the comments section. If you work for Department of Transport and Main Roads, or QR, you can enter anonymously!


  1. Oh no, we got metres and millimetres mixed up when ordering!

  2. QR couldn't run a toy railway.

  3. Well at least the air con units will fit through the tunnels.

  4. Example of NGR train construction progress. Train and Materials are to scale.

  5. Is the need for sellotape one of the 140 defects?

  6. Not Going Right (NGR) trains ...
    Many many months away still?

  7. Some assembly required

  8. Due to sheer number of entries, the award goes to "anonymous". We know it's you Neil, so enjoy your 3 hours stuck on the Ferny Grove Line will a full bladder!


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