Thursday, September 8, 2016

Redcliffe Sardine Line?

Queensland Rail 3-car unit train
As predicted by BrizCommuter over a year ago, it looks like Queensland Rail's (QR) ongoing lack of trains, delays to the Next Generation Rollingstock (NGR), and the opening of Moreton Bay Rail Link will create the perfect storm for more train overcrowding misery for unlucky commuters.

Since the January 2014 timetable, there have not been enough trains to run an optimal peak service on many lines. This has resulted in overcrowded Ferny Grove, Cleveland, and Shorncliffe Line services where only a 3-car unit is used, and also unacceptable 15 minute gaps between pm peak services on the Ferny Grove and Cleveland Line.

The lack of trains at the inception of the 2014 timetable was due to the Bligh government failing to purchase an add-on order of trains at the end of the run of class 160/260. The NGR train order was then delayed doing the Newman government era. Some poor procurement decisions by the Newman government are rumoured to be behind the delays in the NGR trains entering service.

As there are not enough trains, it is highly likely that when the new Redcliffe Peninsula Line (previously known as Moreton Bay Rail Link or Kippa-Ring Line) opens, that some existing 6-car services will be reduced to 3-car units. This may result in overcrowding, and possibly even passengers being unable to board trains. If this eventuates, it is likely that this will generate very bad publicity for QR and the Palaszczuk government, even though neither are at fault for the lack of trains.

BrizCommuter knows of many commuters who have been indefinitely put off from using public transport due to overcrowded 3-car services, and the Inner Northern Busway overcrowding a few years ago. In the latter case, 0% have gone back to using public transport.

It is also concerning that QR have not yet informed commuters which train services will be "cut in half" to 3-car units.  Thus it is likely that on the 4th of October 2016, whilst some commuters may be using trains for the first time, some unlucky commuters are going to have a very nasty surprise!


  1. I presume it'll the usual lucky dip on the 3 car units. I'm still pissed that there wasn't enough forethought with the Kippa-Ring line to make it actually go to Redcliffe. Cut and cover tunnel or overhead. It'd make that corridor much more attractive for development.

  2. thought you might find this funny. a few users are 'devastated' they have lost their hourly bus to the city to be replaced with a half hourly feeder to sandgate station, as well as other feeders to the MBRL stations.
    check out this comment:
    Sue-Anne Hastings-Green
    14 September at 02:28
    Absolutely heartbreaking news! Our family is shattered! My daughter is now having to move off the peninsula, her home, and my family's for 3geneations! Why oh why?? Bloody rail link is useless! This was a much loved and used service.

    and this:
    Jacki Hoy Well that is not what I asked - The peninsula residents should have the option of having a bus service to the city. Please advise of all other services on Translink lines that are no longer serviced by a bus into the city because they also have the option of a train station? Please provide a full list so that we can see where and how our public money is being used and whether Peninsula residents are being offered reduced services by Translink

  3. Meanwhile the services to Brisbane Airport will continue to run as nearly empty 6 car trains, even in peak hour.

  4. So... no Next Generation Rolling Stock, recent updates to Journey Planner website took the app out of action (on or about 11th October), the new timetables have many mistakes and the new lines have massive issues.

    I think everyone is still overlooking the fact that Queensland Rail is very proud to have a fully operational shed at Wulkuraka. They speak very highly of it and are very proud of it. So please stop placing focus OFF the shed. Keep in mind, this is the only available positive and detailed update to the Next Generation Rolling Stock project.


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