Monday, July 11, 2016

Pokémon Go on Brisbane's Public Transport

Pokémon Go is a new smart phone game craze that has been in the news in the last few days. The game uses augmented reality, and BrizCommuter gives it a week before a player falls off a platform trying to catch a Pokémon and gets squashed by a train.

Here is BrizCommuter's guide to rare Pokémons that may be found on and around Brisbane's public transport system:

Brisbanemetromon - this Pokémon can be found around Brisbane City Hall, or a mental asylum.

Competentpoliticianomon - this can only be found in states other than Queensland.

Kipparingcommuteromon - a Pokémon that was suppose to appear in the game at launch, but now might not appear until 2017.

Nextgenerationrollingstockomon - this rather shy Pokémon has only ever been seen inside Wulkuraka depot.

Sundaymorningtrainomon - this Pokémon is known to run early, and if you arrive on time, you've missed it.

Crossriverrailomon - this Pokémon is thought to not exist.

And finally, here is a (painfully old) related joke:
How do you get Pikachu onto an overcrowded Queensland Rail 3-car train?
You Pokémon!


  1. So what is the latest on the Kippa-Ring line disaster? Wikipedia says apparently trains are scraping the platform at Petrie now too. I wonder if Sportsbet will give me odds on it not opening till 2018.

  2. On the Gold Coast line you'll find Vanillish on most trips (an ice Pokémon) on the zero legroom face each other fridges, or you'll find Charmander (a fire Pokémon) on the bench seat oven cartridges. The good news is that you don't actually have to install any augmented reality app, the temperature is so unbearably low or high that by the end of an hour trip you'll be seeing them in actual reality.

  3. HAHAHAHA you could also say that there's a Maroochyraillinkemon which was though of by the developers but never really came into the game. XD

  4. This Pokemon Go craze is really taking things to another level. But at the very least, people are taking their exercise gear out of storage and starting to walk around the neighbourhood more! Healthy lifestyle for the win!

  5. This new Pokemon game is really giving us quite the hoot. I'm just glad that my storage facility in Brisbane is not slated to be a Pokestop or gym of any sort. I don't think any of my customers would really appreciate having people hovering around the premises even if they are just catching some virtual reality creatures!


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