Friday, January 23, 2015

BrizCommuter Special - 2015 Queensland State Election - 8 days out

Choo choo - it's the election train!
It is now getting closer to the 2015 Queensland State Election, with 8 days to go until voting day at the time of writing.

Unfortunately, this election campaign has been pretty terrible for public transport users, with very few policies, and some of those have been very misguided. Here is BrizCommuter's look at the current state of play for public transport.



  • Duplication between Beeburrum and Landsborough to increase capacity for passenger and freight trains along the North Coast Line. Campbell (or whoever replaces him) - just don't forget about the rail line to Caloundra and beyond, and to to buy more trains.
  • Possible privatisation of the woefully inefficient and agenda driven Brisbane Transport who run Brisbane's buses. Combined with bus network reform (attempt 2) should significantly improve the efficiency and coverage of Brisbane's bus network. 
  • BaT Tunnel - whilst this is forging ahead, a few serious issues need to be addressed such as lack of Park Road interchange, and continuation onto Trouts Road/Northwest Transport Corridor (this will be covered in a post-election blog post). 
  • Extending Maroon CityGlider to Enoggera - yes, it is an improvement, but smells of politics designing Brisbane's public transport network again. 
  • No real commitment to fare reform
  • No commitment to other public transport infrastructure. 
Grade - E (slightly above fail) A drive for efficiency, but lacking in many areas. Also, shame about the LNP  being anti-solar power, destroying public servants career paths, lack of transparency, and heading towards destruction of the reef (allegedly). 



  • Still waiting!!! (A bit like trying to catch the route 375 today) 

  • Good plans for rail and busway network expansion (based on Connecting SEQ 2031), but completely lacking funding. 

  • No real commitment to fare reform
  • Anti-privatisation of Brisbane Transport. Unfortunately, the ALP, along with the RBTU union have been running a scaremongering campaign that is factually incorrect (i.e. blatant lies) related to private operators cutting bus routes. The operators provide the services. It is the Queensland Government/TransLink who will have the ultimate say on route changes, and provide the funding to the operator. Whilst bus reform will cut services on very quiet/poor value for money routes, there would be massive improvements to suburbs currently poorly served. Brisbane Transport (owned by Brisbane City Council) had their chance at reform for a more efficient and less confusing bus network, and fought against it. Time for Brisbane Transport to be privatised, as all other bus and ferry operators in SE Queensland already have!
Grade - F (fail) BrizCommuter thinks that the ALP are far from ready for government when it comes to public transport policies (and many other policies). They seriously need a good public transport advisor, and need to stop scaremongering over the privatisation of Brisbane Transport! 



  • Commitment to fare system reform and reducing the cost of public transport. 
  • Commitment to improving public transport services. Both of these policies would be from investing more in pubic transport. 
  • Abolishing the botched Transport Tertiary Concession Card for students.
  • Extending concession travel to Newstart recipients.
  • No actual detailed plans for rail and busway network expansion.
  • Anti-privatisation of Brisbane Transport. Whilst the Greens want to significantly improve funding public transport, there will continue to be great inefficiencies with tax-payers money until Brisbane Transport is privatised. 
Grade - C+ (above average) The only party committed to decreasing fares and significantly improving public transport services. However, more actual plans are required, and tax-payers money may not be spent as wisely as it could due to Brisbane Transport's inefficiencies.  

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