Friday, September 27, 2013

Bus Review Spin Alert

Buses in Brisbane's CBD
With lots of cuts, and few improvements coming to Brisbane's bus network on 14th October, it's time from some spin on TransLink's website, not that the mediocre bus changes are TransLink's fault. Here is the quote from TransLink's website concerning the changes:

"The second stage of the Brisbane City Council bus network changes will be implemented on Monday 14 October.

These changes will help simplify the network, eliminate service duplication, improve connectivity between services and redirect resources to overcrowded routes.

Changes include timetable changes, changes to route alignments, route removals, route amalgamations and stop relocations."

This is what really should have been stated:

"The second stage of the Brisbane City Council bus network changes will be implemented on Monday 14 October.

These changes will make lots of cuts to the network due to Brisbane City Council's failure to co-operate  with TransLink to develop an efficient public transport network. The network will continue to be an inefficient use of funding, confusing to use, with too many bus routes, multiple cases of service duplication (e.g. buses heading in same direction leaving from different CBD stops), congestion through Cultural Centre, poor connectivity with rail services, and many parts of Brisbane continuing to be public transport black-holes.  

The changes are quite frankly, not good enough.

It's time that Brisbane Transport was privatised, Brisbane City Council removed from all public transport responsibility, and the state transport minister needs to grow some balls to stand up to "clueless" councillors. 

PS: CityCats have also been cut. Sorry."

Brisbane City Council's bus network changes (re: cuts) are below:


  1. So, I am wondering? Is anyone able to find anything really positive to say about the changes that really looks like, wow that is visionary.

    For me the only thing that looks logical and smart is combining the 66 and 109. And when that seems the best idea, that is what I mean by slim pickings.

    Is there anything else?

    And why such a delay on the rest of the network outside of Brisbane?

  2. There isn't much positive apart from the 109/66 fusion, and even that isn't frequent enough at some times. Compared to the original and axed TransLink network review where large areas of Brisbane were given high frequency bus routes for the first time, it is a disgraceful situation that Brisbane City Council have created.

  3. Are we allowed to post correspondence to and from Translink when a complaint/submission has been tendered and they have replied? Because I do have one to put up.

  4. You can email correspondence to BrizCommuter, who may publish it if appropriate. You are lucky if you even get a reply from TransLink's complaints department!

  5. Will my previous correspondence be posted. I have further updates and they are positive. I am concerned that my previous correspondence with translink will not be shown, when others have been.


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