Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Maroon SillyGlider to be introduced 18th Feb

Proving that Brisbane's politicians (notably Brisbane City Council) have indeed lost the plot when it comes to public transport, the Maroon SillyGlider CityGlider will be introduced in on Monday 18th February 2013. This is despite widespread condemning of the Maroon CityGlider by public transport experts. So what is wrong with the Maroon CityGlider?
  • It duplicates multiple existing high frequency routes between Ashgrove and Langlands Park - thus providing high frequency public transport to those who already have high frequency public transport, when many parts of Brisbane (such as Centenary Suburbs and Bulimba) have a laughably infrequent bus service. 
  • The Maroon CityGlider could have been planned much better by simply fusing existing BUZ routes together (with some stop location modifications) instead of duplicating them.
  • This wasteful duplication goes against the principle of the Queensland Government and TransLink's current bus network review. 
  • The modified route will add to congestion on the SE Busway through Cultural Centre. 
  • The bus stops are not consistent with the existing high frequency routes, causing confusion and annoyance to commuters. For example, why is there no stop in Bardon? 
  • Bizarre routing between Wooloongabba and Stones Corner.  
With such wasteful politically driven decisions, it is time that Brisbane Transport is privatised and Brisbane City Council's remaining public transport control is handed over the State Government and TransLink. Once again, the CityGlider logo (in photo) is wearing a crash helmet, as it is surely banging it's head against a brick wall!

Continuing the tradition of mediocrity in SE Queensland public transport, the Maroon CityGlider's starting date was only announced 6 days before the start of the service. 

BrizCommuter's original SillyGlider blog post (January 2011):


  1. Haha, I was about to send you a message pointing out that Maroon Cityglider is out.

    The only good feature I can see is that it is now possible to go direct from Paddington to Ashgrove, which is not easily possible with the current route options, especially at night.

    But apart from that, what a dud. As you say, the route at Stones Corner makes no sense, enter the busway just to leave again and when they have services every 10 mins or less.

    Why the bus is going via South bank is unnecessary, better to use the 340 bus route, direct from Woolloongabba to KGS.

    As you point out, except for Paddington to Ashgrove, this whole route is taken care of already.

    The 222 covers Langlands Park to Roma Street and the 385 covers the rest, except for Bardon to Ashgrove.

    I can understand why the stop is at Gilday Street, rather than Bardon. The reason would be that currently there is no express bus stop between Paddington Central and Bardon, so this now provides for that.

    But is it necessary to create a whole new bus route for this? I think streamlining the 375 route would be a better option.

  2. Also, it's constantly being mispronounced as "Maroan" glider instead of "Maroon" glider? The letters “oo” are pronounced the same way as moon, food, boo, and so on. If it was pronounced like moan it would have been spelt that way.

  3. Unfortunately, Queenslanders are unable to properly pronounce "maroon", in a similar way in that they cannot design sensible public transport networks.

  4. Quite a lot of public transport in SEQ makes me want to moan :P

  5. In regards to promotion on the translink website, it is very difficult to find the timetable for the MCGL. Takes quite a bit of searching because on their dedicated link, they only give a run down of the service and a route map.

    Plus I have noticed that the pdf route map and the route map when you put the Maroon glider into journey planner are different.

  6. Perhaps this new glider is necessary because of the fact that residents within 5kms of the CBD are sick to death of being left on the footpath because the buses already servicing these routes are full. The last time I attempted to get to riverfire from Coorparoo (1 1/2 hours early), we ended up having to catch a taxi as all the buses were full. The same thing happened when we attempted to get to Suncorp Stadium. The daily commute is not much better. I had all but given up on public transport before the introduction of this new service.


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