Tuesday, January 8, 2013

TransLink Network Plan 2012 - Missing!

There is something strangely missing from TransLink's website - something that should have appeared earlier in the 2012/13 financial year...
Screen shot on 05/01/2013
  • So, where is the 2012 TransLink Network Plan 2012? 
  • Do TransLink actually have any plans for the 2012/13 financial year? 
  • Why are we paying 7.5% more if there are no plans for improvement?
  • What about the bus network review? 
  • Where are the once promised peak service improvements on the Ferny Grove Line post duplication, which was completed last April? 
  • Where are the stage 2 train timetables (for Ferny Grove, Shorncliffe, Doomben, Cleveland, Beenleigh, Gold Coast, and Airport Lines) which TransLink failed to deliver as promised in late 2011, and again failed to deliver as promised in 2012? 
  • What happened to increasing state government transparency?
  • Maybe TransLink are too embarrassed to release their network plan after failing to meet more than 33% of the 2011 network plan by the end of the 2011/12 financial year?

It's just not good enough TransLink!


  1. Yes, a very curious omission. I was thinking about that 7.5% while standing at the dilapidated-looking Nundah train station today. Old peeling paint, rusty fittings, looking like nothing had been done to it for 20 years. Where's all the money going? I think we know.

  2. QR and Translink have made some 'adjustments' to the time table, but for the FG line I am struggling to work out where the changes are, as there does not seem to be a summary on the translink website.

    Are you able to work out the changes? Also (tongue in cheek), could this be the phase 2 timetables? haha,


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