Sunday, August 5, 2012

London Olympics 2012 vs Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018

Image Source: Wikipedia user Sunil060902
Public transport options to get to/from London 2012's Olympic Stadium evening sessions (tph = trains per hour per direction):

  • London Underground - Jubilee Line - 24tph 
  • London Underground - Central Line - 30tph + 24tph 
  • Docklands Light Railway - Stratford Branch - 12tph
  • Docklands Light Railway - Stratford International Branch - 12tph
  • National Rail - Javelin Trains (pictured right)- 12tph 
  • National Rail - Greater Anglia - 14tph + 14tph
  • National Rail - North London Line - 6tph
Public transport options to get to/from the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Stadium (Carrara)
  • A few buses
Write your own conclusion!


  1. You can't compare the Commonwealth Games with the Olympic games though!! The olympica has way more countries and athletes competing.
    Brisbane hosted the 1982 Commonwealth games and all we had were "a few buses" because there was no busway system AT ALL and the nearest train line (Beenleigh) is no where near QEII stadium. The C'wth games coped fine.

    You are also missing the crucial fact that there is a light rail system being built which (hopefully) should be extended to the Cwth games village.

    As for London- the docklands light railway has nothing to do with the olympics at all.

  2. Sydney Olypmics didn't have nearly that many trains. There was one track in, one track out. Could have exceeded 20/hour but it still doesn't compare with the above. Numerous buses assisted.

  3. That's Queensland, stuck in 1960s road obsession. No public transport legacy from the 2018 games - disgusting!

  4. @ Anonymous (2:41 PM) - 1) The Brisbane Commonwealth games had huge queues to get onto buses 2) The Gold Coast Light rail will not serve the main Carrara Stadium, so serving the commonwealth village is bit of a moot point. 3) What do you mean "the docklands light railway has nothing to do with the olympics at all"? It serves 3 event locations - the Olympic Park, Excel, and Greenwich, and is thus pretty important for the Olympics transport!

    @ Simon - Even if Sydney's Olympics was served by 20tph, that's still 20tph more the Gold Coast's stadium!

    @ Anonymous (7:59 PM) - The only legacy may be a few bus lanes, maybe, maybe not.

  5. It's also important to note that Cararra is just one of 15 or so venues that will host the 17 sports. I think you need to look at it holistically including the timing and scheduling of events.


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