Sunday, March 11, 2012

Car rego frozen, public transport fares up 15%

The ALP have now joined the LNP in promising to freeze car registration (or rego for Aussie's incapable of using more than 2 syllable words) for the next 3 years. Great for car drivers. But what about public transport users? The ALP's disgraceful 15% fare policy has deterred public transport use, and has thus failed to reduce the tax payer subsidy percentage. Despite the fare policy being a failure, the ALP still plan on increasing public transport fares by 15% for the next two years. If this policy continues, is likely that by January 2013, Brisbane will have the world's most expensive bus system, and by January 2014 will have the world's most expensive train system! The LNP have pledged to continue the fare increases until the states economy is back on track, which does not bode too well. Despite offering free journeys after 9 per week instead of the ALP's 10 per week, Brisbane will continue to be one of the world's 3 most expensive public transport systems.

It is quite clear that based on cost of public transport vs cars, that both the ALP and LNP do not take public transport seriously. Brisbane is heading further towards a car obsessed unsustainable future. This situation is made worse by lack of future planning, with the ALP having announced no plans to improve Brisbane's appalling train frequency, and the LNP looking like they will dump the essential Cross River Rail. Sadly, it really is a case of voting for either Stupid or Stupid in the 2012 Queensland state election.


  1. Fed up with QLD politicians!March 12, 2012 at 6:37 AM

    Both the LNP and ALP are stuck in 1960s pro car policies. To increase public transport fares when they are freezing car rego will deter yet more people from using public transport and increase polluting road congestion.

  2. The lack of public transport policies in this election campaign is disgraceful. Ignorance towards sustainable forms of transportation seems to be par for the course at the bottom of George Street.

  3. more than $70 per week for me to catch the bus to work locally and the kids to catch the bus to the local high school, because it's just on the other side of the bus zone boundary ! Disgraceful! I've always caught the bus to work, but I can no longer afford to.


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