Wednesday, April 6, 2011

June 2011 Timetables - Shorncliffe LIne

The final review of the new phase one 2011 timetables is for the Shorncliffe Line. The review of the Shorncliffe Line's draft timetable is linked below:

The main reason for the Shorncliffe Line being involved in the first phase of the new timetables, is so that it's services are being moved from the main tracks to the suburban tracks through the CBD. This means that Shorncliffe services are having to slot in between existing services to/from Ferny Grove, Airport, and Doomben, resulting in some minor retimings. As per the above linked blog post, the changes resulted in no overall improvements compared to the current timetable. A few changes have been made after the consultation process, notably the a slightly earlier first inbound service, and an extra inbound service at school kicking out time. With many timetable changes being made to around school traffic, did TransLink and QR actually do any research into school opening and closing times when they wrote the draft timetables?

Shorncliffe Line users, as well as users of the Ferny Grove, Airport, Doomben, Cleveland, Gold Coast, and Beenleigh Lines are eagerly awaiting the phase two draft timetables. Already delayed from 2010, the draft timetables were supposed to be released in early 2011, with the actual timetables being introduced later in 2011. With mid 2011 rapidly approaching, many commuters are asking where are the phase two draft timetables?

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