Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An independent view...

BrizCommuter is a big fan of Robert Schwandl's urbanrail.net website. This website provides detailed information on all of the world's metro systems, and also most of the world's suburban rail and light rail systems. Reading this website reveals how infrequent Brisbane's rail system is compared to rail systems in other major cities!

Robert Schwandl (who is from Berlin) is currently on a tour of Australia and New Zealand, and has been writing an excellent blog on the public transport system in each of cities he has visited Down Under. The blog post about Brisbane can be read here:

The Brisbane blog post is very interesting, especially that it has been written by a visitor to Brisbane, not a long suffering Brisbane commuter. The last paragraph is spot on!  It's time that TransLink and the Queensland Government wake up to their failing public transport policies and fare structure!!

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