Monday, February 21, 2011

Springfield - now 2/3 baked!

Along with a new transport minister, the Queensland  Government have just re-announced the Springfield Rail Project, which will now cost $475m and will be built by TrackStar Alliance. This $171m less than originally planned, so where will this money go (obviously not on Ellen Grove)? It is claimed that the rail line will open "2 years ahead of schedule in 2013", except the government have forgotten that the project was delayed a few years ago, as it was originally due in 2011. The 9.5km dual track rail line will have two stations, Springfield and Springfield Lakes. Disappointingly Ellen Grove station, near Forest Lake will be missing, although plans will be made for it to be built at a later date. Whilst this station has a smaller catchment area than the other stations, surely it would be cheaper and easier to build the station at the lines inception? Why are all Queensland rail projects half-baked, or in this case 2/3 baked?

In interesting paragraph in the media statement mentions that 2,500 cars could be taken off the Centenary Highway, but only 300 car parking spaces will be built - 100 at Springfield, and 200 at Springfield Lakes. So is the Queensland Government expecting the other 2,200 passengers to access these stations by modes other than car? Unless the station is accessed by segregated cycle ways, walkways, and feeder buses with good coverage meeting every train, the number of car parking spaces seems to be somewhat minimal. What would the Simpsons think about it?

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  1. Agree that construction of Ellen Grove as a greenfield station is needed.


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