Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bridge to Brisbane, to long wait...

This Sunday is the Bridge to Brisbane event, where around 55,000 people run or walk either 10km or 5km, arriving at the RNA Show Grounds. An average runner would take around 55 mins to run the 10km, which is almost as long as they could then wait to get a train home!

Plenty of extra trains are being provided to get people to the start line. But for runners wanting to get home, the news isn't so good. Considering runners will start finishing from around 6:45am, the options to get home are poor, especially if you live on the Ferny Grove Line. The Ferny Grove Line only has an hourly service (from Fortitude Valley) until 10:35am! Shorncliffe has hourly trains until 8:24am, Cleveland Line until 08:41am, Beenleigh until 7:55am, and Ipswich until 8:00am. So why do those travelling on the Ferny Grove Line, have to endure a pathetic hourly service for an extra 2 hours?

What makes this even more odd, is that trains run half-hourly inbound from Ferny Grove from 8:28am. So, empty outbound trains must be running to Ferny Grove out of service, whilst tired out runners are left behind on the platforms. Given that many passengers using public transport after the Bridge to Brisbane are not regular public transport users (this is obvious from the 30 min ticket queue at Fortitude Valley last year), this terrible train service can only further damage the image of public transport in Brisbane.

Brisbane's half-hourly off-peak train service is poor, and well behind many other cities including Perth and Melbourne. Yet in Brisbane, passengers such as shift workers, travelling late at night and Sunday mornings, have to endure hourly gaps between services. Queensland Transport, TransLink, and QR - this is not good enough!

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