Thursday, November 16, 2017

LNP & PHON - The Consequences of Bad Decisions

Tim Nicholls - Out of Touch
As the 2017 Queensland Election campaign rolls along, it is becoming more apparent that the Tim Nicholls led LNP will axe Cross River Rail if they win the election. This is despite the Newman LNP government supporting the BaT tunnel on the same route just 3 years earlier. Instead the LNP are promising a study (yes, just a study) into vapourware (i.e. non-existent) fast transport options such as Hyperloop. The LNP will almost definitely have to partner with Pauline Hanson's One Nation (PHON) to form a government, and PHON have already made it clear that they have no interest in CRR. If the LNP and PHON get there way, these will be consequences of their bad decisions:

  • No 50% increase in rail capacity through Brisbane's CBD.
  • No 50% increase in Gold Coast Line services.
  • No 25% increase in Cleveland Line services.
  • No 50% increase in outer Beenleigh Line services.
  • No capacity for Salisbury to Beaudesert Line services.
  • No 100% increase, and express services on the Redcliffe Peninsula Line.
  • No improvements in journey times from the Gold Coast to Brisbane's CBD.
  • No station as part of Roma Street redevelopments (Entertainment Centre).
  • No capability for building the Trouts Road Line to massively increase services on the Sunshine Coast Line and serve North West Brisbane suburbs for the first time by rail.
  • No improvements in train network resilience and reliability across QR's train network.
  • No train service to the Southern end of Brisbane's CBD and Wooloongabba.
  • Will limit off-peak frequency across QR's train network.
  • Will increase road congestion.
  • Will result in Brisbane loosing out on business to more progressive cities which are building rail tunnels such as Auckland, Sydney, and Melbourne.
  • Will severely damage Brisbane's reputation as a "New World City".
Business groups and even the RACQ are fully supportive of Cross River Rail. For Tim Nicholls and the LNP to continue being anti-CRR, shows how out of touch he is with 21st century transport policy. Axing CRR would prevent improvements to public transport from suburbs that are in LNP electorates - go figure! A vote against CRR, will cause transport meltdown in SE Queensland, and make Brisbane look even more backwards on the world stage. 


  1. Regarding CRR, it does seem a simple decision. If you want crr to be delivered, the only option is to vote 1 alp. Voting for any other party will see the project get canned, again.

    But of course, the election is not all about crr.

  2. the local LNP people are spruiking vague 'improving public transport' among other things about 'local businesses' and roads. I'd imagine that the people who drive everywhere would vote for LNP, given the bias in mainstream media

    1. Sadly, there is quite a big "car vote" in Brisbane.

    2. I support more spending on road projects as well, especially considering that the amount of fuel excise drivers pay just goes into consolidated revenue, but I want crr built. And preferably all the extra bits required as well

    3. SE Queensland requires both road and rail funding, the former for more peripheral journeys where public transport is not realistic. Sadly, too many voters are stupid enough to believe LNP and PHON's rubbish "CRR will only save 5 minutes" statement, and not the extensive list in this blog post.

  3. Which state government is best to run the state capital's bus network? What about the state capital's new "metro"? For those who don't know - metro is a clandestine wheeled tram that is not a bus and cannot run on roads - Google it there's been an update. Clandestine because people can't answer the question "is it a bus" (because it isn't).

    Anyway - the simple answer I'm after is: "Which state government will ensure our state capital has an integrated public transport system?" I think the answer is.... none....

    1. Well at least the ALP will build CRR. The LNP will just do a study into vapourware.

    2. All Lnp will do for three years on public transport is suck vapour

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