Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Should go cards be sold on buses?

BrizCommuter has been recently contacted to plug a petition, and this petition appears to make pretty good sense. The petition is to request that go cards are sold on buses instead of paper tickets, and the link is below:

Given that BrizCommuter is often driven crazy by buses being delayed by passengers paying for paper tickets, then isn't it time that they are "encouraged" to switch to go cards. The "encouragement" is to sell a go card instead of paper ticket on buses. This should help almost eradicate paper ticket users - and thus makes common sense. It would also be ultimately cheaper for the passenger, and reduce bus delays, but may reduce TransLink's piggy bank slightly. Issues that can be foreseen are at what price should the go card be sold? Selling the go card at the usual price of $20 may be a problem if the passenger is short of change. However, selling a go card at less than around $15 could compromise the deposit designed to reduce people throwing away go cards after longer distance train journeys or the overpriced AirTrain.

Given that Melbourne has completely eradicated paper tickets, then it is laughable that Brisbane is still using paper tickets. Time to move into the 21st century!


  1. Problem I see would be selling go cards on buses would take a significantly longer time than actually selling a paper ticket. Buses would be even later.

  2. The go card sale may take slightly longer, but it would remove subsequent slow paper ticket purchases by the same person.


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