Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The SillyGlider?

The pre-state and council election silly season continues with plan by the Quirky Brisbane City Council's (BCC) plan to introduce a "sport themed" maroon CityGlider running from Paddington to Stones Corner. This will travel via Suncorp Stadium, South Bank (not using busway as it's a tad full) and the Gabba. Whilst a bus linking these stadiums and eatery areas may seem like a good idea, it just adds more duplication and waste to Brisbane's increasingly inefficient bus network. Want to get to Paddington? Take the high frequency 385. Want to get to the Gabba? Take the high frequency 66 or 200 Buz (or many other routes). Want to get to Stones Corner (why would anyone want to go there)? Take the high frequency 222 (or many other routes).  There is absolutely no need for this Maroon CityGlider, which is possibly even more wasteful that the mainly air carrying route 88. It is quite disgraceful that BCC want to add this route when many existing Brisbane Transport bus routes such as the 66 regularly leave students, school children, and hospital workers behind due to full buses.

Its now been introduced - an updated scathing review of the Maroon CityGlider:

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